Sunday, February 5, 2012


Everneath Launch Party + GIVEAWAY

Brodi Ashton knows how to throw a PARTY. I had a blast at the launch party.  I will do my best to relay the awesomeness, but it probably can’t be done :D .
The place was packed with a ton of people. I sat on the front row next to Brodi’s mom (I KNOW).  I didn’t know she had reserved her seat there until Brodi was starting her power-point presentation.
Brodi spent most of her presentation talking about how she got published in the most funny and entertaining way possible.

The screen says: " This is my first Power Point. -I all grown up now."
My favorite parts:
  • Two things an author needs: DELUSION and DELETION.
  • Some guy joined her first critique group just to tell her how much he DIDN’T like her first novel. (Power Point: Mean people suck.)
  • Has a contest with her sister-in-law that the first person to get 100 rejection letters from agents wins a trip to Disneyland. (Power Point: I WIN :(
  • The idea of Everneath started with the character Nikki and then a scene with Nikki coming back from an unexplained absence where rumors start about why she was gone.
Brodi Ashton and me.
The Q & A
  • Brodi Ashton was asked about the love triangle in the book and Brodi said that she didn’t think it was a love triangle because Cole is the villan and Nikki’s feelings are pretty obvious.  She says that she does love Cole but adds “Team Jack!” in her cute voice.
  • The title was a combination of “Forever” and “Beneath.”
There was quite the line to get my book signed but Brodi had decked the place out with food. There was an awesome cake with the book cover on it plus 3 kinds of sandwiches, gummy hearts, cherry M&Ms, grapes, crackers, cheese, five kinds of cookies, a veggie tray, and chips with salsa. @_@ Yum!  I laughed all night long, ate lots of food and had the best time!

My cool Dead Elvises guitar-pick necklace that I got at the launch party. Love it!
UPDATE: I forgot to tell you what question I asked Brodi when she was signing my book! I asked her why Nikki knits.  She said it’s because Nikki’s hands shake so much and she needed something to do with them.  I said, “Oh. I thought it was for some Greek mythology reason.”  She laughed. “I’m not that smart!” I think too much, guys. I really do :D  There are a few myths in Greek mythology that have knitting in them…or maybe it was weaving….

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