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Cutey Bracelets - 3 Winners - Open Worldwide - Ends 3/23

I love Cutey, and I absolutely love their bracelets!

I actually, have never been a huge bracelet fan. I always get paranoid that I will snag them, and they'll break, and I'll lose them, and end up wasting money. So when I do get bracelets, I make sure they are really sturdy. I could tell just by checking out the Cutey website, that their bracelets were going to be extremely well made, and sturdy; And they were. Cutey bracelets aren't your average bracelets. The chains are extremely think, and my favorite feature - the unique closure.
 The small nail like piece rests inside of the bigger round piece, and it is very secure. It seems much easier than the regular lobster clasp, and I don't have to worry about snagging it, and having it fall off or break. It's just way too sturdy for that!

For my review, I received 2 beautiful bracelets.
My favorite was the "Pontus."
 As many of you know, I live in Florida, and I frequent the beach. This gorgeous bracelet definitely shows my love for the water! I love the beautiful blue beads, and my favorite part is the adorable little turtle charm. Everytime I see it, I think of Hubba, and Bubba :).

The other bracelet I received was the "Hypnos" bracelet:
  I also really loved this one :)! It's really cute, and I love purple.

Overall, I loved both of my bracelets. I love the splash of color they give, and I love their durability. Cutey bracelets are $20 each, and in my opinion, are so worth it!
These bracelets would make a great gift for any girl :)

The Giveaway:
3 of you will each receive a Cutey bracelet of your own (Winner's get to choose their style.) This giveaway is open Worldwide!

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