Monday, March 19, 2012


"Emergency Kit" Giveaway - 1 Winner - Open Worldwide - Ends 3/31

So.. I really wanted to wait for this giveaway... But I just couldn't wait!

This giveaway kindof goes 1 in 1 with the Guatemalan Worry Doll giveaway that I posted yesterday, so I thought, why not go ahead and post it?

This is another item I found at the World Market. It's called an "Emergency Kit." The emergency kit includes an angel for peaceful thoughts, a lucky bean, and a worry doll.
Everything you need :)! An angel to help keep you sound, a bean to bring you luck, and a worry doll to help get your worries at bay.

I just loved these little emergency kits.. So I had to get 2! These awesome kits are also handmade in Guatemala; So they are very special, and support the Maya people :)

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