Sunday, March 18, 2012

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Guatemalan Worry People Giveaway - Open Worldwide - Ends 3/30

So.. The other day I was at one of my all time favorite store (World Market,) and I noticed these cute little dolls. I was instantly intrigued, so I had to read up about them.

The dolls are known as "Guatemalan Worry People" and they are super special! (Here's what the back of the packaging says)

"An old story tells that when the Maya People of Guatemala had worries, they would tell them to the worry people. At night they would place the worry people under their pillows and when they awoke, the worry people had taken their worries away."

Very cool, huh? I for one, have lots of stress, and worries, so I really appreciate these dolls.

The best part is that these dolls are handmade by the Maya People, who live in the highlands of Guatemala, so they support a good cause :).
When I saw these at the store, I just had to get one. So I got one for myself.. and....... I got one for one of you, because I just had to share the joy of these wonderful dolls with one of you :)!

The Giveaway!
1 of you will receive a Guatemala Worry Person of your own :)
Entering is super easy with the Rafflecopter form, directly below. There are No Mandatory entries. So do as little, or as many as you'd like :)

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