Tuesday, May 29, 2012


May Giveaway: Cheer Me Up?

I’m feel­ing not good. Like.. not good at all. Cheer me up? I have to admit, I have noticed that my mood and the stats of this blog do actu­ally affect eachother. Good mood, I leave more com­ments, I have higher stats. High­ter stats, I’m in a good mood, I hop around a lit­tle more. This starts to be bor­der­line pathetic.
Right now I don’t have the time to do that, though, so I’ll have to bribe peo­ple. LOL Hey, come on, at least I’m hon­est about it, right?

As always, the Monthly Give­aways are about show­ing my read­ers (new and old) that I appre­ci­ate them, so every com­ment you leave counts as one entry. And as always I have a lit­tle wid­get below. If you have left at least one com­ment below a post (not this one!) you can enter there and get extra entries. Those are auto­mat­i­cally added and you don’t need to fill out a form or anything.
This time, though, I’ll add some­thing. For every 40 fol­low­ers* I gain, I’ll add prices. This can either mean the win­ner will get two books, or that there will be four win­ners or what­ever. I’m PMS­ing, so please let me.
Also, if you man­age to cheer me up in any other way, you’ll get lots of extra entries. (Like, say.. Sing a song for me. ;D)

Here is what’s up for grabs:

Addi­tion­ally to the books below come all their pre– and sequels (or spin offs) as well sev­eral oth­ers, for exam­ple books you men­tion in the com­ments* and from the Goodreads com­fort reads list here! As well as every book men­tioned in the com­fort reads comments. ;)

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